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Pre-Nomination Process Begins for the
9th Annual STOREROTICA Awards.

 Industry trade publication petitions industry professionals to recommend their favorites in the adult retail community  

Once again reflecting the best in the adult storefront sector, STOREROTICA Magazine is pleased to open its pre-nomination voting process for the 9th Annual STOREROTICA Awards. The trade publication is querying professionals from throughout the industry who they believe should be considered for the final voting awards ballot.

Recognizing excellence in the adult retail community, the STOREROTICA awards laud those in both the brick and mortar storefront, distributing, and manufacturing levels.  The 13 categories honored this year include, "Novelty Company of the Year," "Distributor of the Year,"  "Fetish Company of the Year,"  and "Retailer of the Year" (chain locations).

New divisions that joined the STOREROTICA Awards in 2014 were: "Foreign Manufacturer of the Year," "Male Pleasure Product of the Year,"  "Body Care Line of the Year" and  "Retail Education of the Year".  This year's final ballot will be finalized after the pre-nomination process is complete along with gathering the opinions from a select panel of industry expert and suggestions by the STOREROTICA staff.

"The world of erotic retail is constantly evolving to adapt to new clientele, and our awards will always strive to match this evolution," says STOREROTICA's Associate Publisher Dave Manack. 
Winners will be announced at an industry gala on the evening of Monday, July 13, 2015 during the ANME Founders Show in Burbank, California.

"As the trade publication designed for adult retailers and buyers, STOREROTICA Magazine values the input from our readership," Manack says. "Our pre-nomination awards process ensures that no business or product is overlooked, while emulating the integrity displayed by the true experts in this industry."

The STOREROTICA pre-nomination site will be open from April 24th through May 8th.

These are the Award categories:

Novelty Company of the Year

Distributor of the Year

Fetish Company of the Year

Boutique Brand of the Year

Lubricant Company of the Year

"Hot Product" of the Year
(companies featured in STOREROTICA’s “Hot Products” section)

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Sexual Enhancement Company of the Year

Foreign Manufacturer of the Year

Male Pleasure Product of the Year

Body Care Line of the Year

Retail Education of the Year

Retail Chain of the Year